Wellcome to the Earthdawn supplemental fansite build by the german composer Pablo N.M. Dummer.

You will find some of the roleplaying soundtrack coming from our campaigns running and playing since over 5 years now - still in progress.

In addition there are two useful tools. One is Earthdawn Creature Mill (ECM). ECM is a tool which provides Gamemasters with the technical help building up the stats of monsters and other none namegiver NSC's, up to horrors or creatures of the netherworlds all according to the rules shown in Earthdawn Compendium.

The other tool is the Fate Roller which provides dice rolling and other random events coming with a build in step table up to Step 100! The Installers of both tools are in German language but the programs are in English. The installer does nothing else than the steps you would expect from a standard installation tool.

All the stuff is given to you for free and with no further commercial interest.

The Author

I'm a composer (Avantgarde, Film, some entertaining things and meditative) and doctorate student at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitiy of Freiburg, also doing some writing (poetry and short stories). My subjects are: educational science, cognitive science and (psycho-)liguistics. Beeing Earthdawn GM for aprox. 7 years now (and still alive, yeah!), I decided to do ECM because I simply run out of creatures from time to time. Programming is just hobby allthough my bosses keep thinking otherwise. Feel free to visit the Soundtrack-Section as well.

On a word about the software

If you install and use the software you be running the software at your own risk. I tested both of them very carefully and they run fine on my systems as well as on all of the systems of my friends but I will take no responsibility on how the progs work on your specific configurations whether they run smooth or will do unpredicted harm to your systems, drivers, configurations etc.

Pablo Dummer


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